The Dubai Digital Authority (DDA) is delighted to present the results of the recent public consultation on the city's Data Protection Policy. This policy marks a significant stride in our ongoing efforts to ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of personal data in the digital age, aligning with our vision of transforming Dubai into a global hub for innovation and digital excellence. We are gratified to report an overwhelming response to the consultation, with over 12,000 residents participating, indicating a high level of public interest and awareness on this crucial issue. KEY FINDINGS The feedback received provided invaluable insights into how our community perceives data privacy and the measures we have taken to safeguard it. POSITIVES About 88% of respondents expressed confidence in the Data Protection Policy's current structure, acknowledging the robust measures in place to protect their personal data. The transparency of data collection processes, clear definitions of data rights, and mechanisms for data rectification and erasure were particularly applauded, with around 75% of respondents indicating that these features fostered a sense of trust in digital transactions. More than 80% of participants praised the promptness and effectiveness of the DDPA's response in addressing reported data breaches or violations, highlighting the agency's proactive approach to data protection. CONCERNS AND AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT Alongside the positives, the consultation also identified areas where further improvement could be beneficial. Approximately 35% of respondents suggested the need for more extensive public education and awareness programs to further enhance understanding of data rights and protections. About 25% of participants expressed concerns regarding data sharing with third parties, calling for even stricter regulations and transparent disclosure mechanisms in this area. Around 15% of respondents requested more streamlined processes for submitting data rectification or erasure requests, indicating a potential area for system enhancements. CONCLUSION The public consultation has provided invaluable insights, and we are thankful for the enthusiastic participation from our community. The Dubai Digital Authority will utilize this feedback to further refine the Paperless Initiative, ensuring it continues to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of all users. The feedback will shape our future efforts to improve user experience, address identified gaps, and expand the range of fully digitized services. Our community's engagement is essential in our quest to make Dubai the world's smartest and happiest city, and we look forward to continued collaboration in our digital transformation journey

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