The Community Development Authority (CDA) provides services and regularly launches initiatives to achieve the social welfare of Dubai's citizens such as housing and lands grants, home maintenance support, lending and others. The Community Development Authority also invests its resources in building effective partnerships with the private and non-profit sectors to develop social services in alignment with the Dubai Government’s goals of attaining sustainable development.  More Details

Vulnerable Groups

CDA initiatives cover People of Determination, Senior Citizens, children and families, and inmates from correctional institutions. CDA also sets policies, rules and regulations for benefits to UAE Nationals, and encourages voluntary work in collaboration with different institutions in society

Human Rights

The Human Rights Sector at the Community Development Authority (CDA) is responsible for raising awareness about human rights, promoting the positive image of Dubai in the area of human rights, and ensuring that the current practices in the local community and operating institutions in Dubai are in line with the approved laws and standards of human rights. 


There are many societies and organizations in Dubai that are open for donations and volunteers who are willing to join forces and leave a mark on their communities and environment. To name some:

UAE Red Crescent Emirates Red Crescent

Dubai Foundation for Women & Children DFWAC

Noor Dubai, to help the visually impaired

Dar Al Ber, to support disadvantaged families

Dubai Cares, to help children access quality education 

Al Jalila, to promote the wellbeing of those in need 

Bait Al Khair, to donate to help people going through hardship 

Bread for All, to provide bread within 24 hours for the needy 

Suqia, donate to help communities access clean water sources

The volunteering platform

Community Development Authority (CDA) - Dubai also runs the Dubai Volunteer App which provides all volunteering e-services such as attendance management, calendar and events, group management, communication, registration, and customer feedback. Click to Download 

Individuals and corporates can also register in Dubai Volunteer program Click Here

Dubai has recently initiated the ‘Endowment Sukuk’, a project that individuals and companies can contribute to, as its proceeds will go towards health, educational and humanitarian projects.


Please keep in mind that raising funds by individually or as unauthorised organisations is punishable with imprisonment and heavy fines in Dubai and other emirates.