Report Discrimination 

Community Development Authority – Dubai (CDA) receives all complaints and petition, and provides consultations related to human rights, whether from individuals, civil society organizations or various establishments and authorities in Dubai where every case is dealt with seriously and effectively after verifying their correctness in coordination with relevant governmental or private entity with the aim of reducing violations and protecting rights.

Victim Support

You may also report harmful accidents against people through the Victim Support service provided by Dubai Police. ‏This service is available for people who are harmed by others because of an act that breaks the law, and reach out to the police in different types of accidents by communicating with the police to know the latest updates in their cases until the case closure, as the police can provide assistance and moral support by Phone, SMS, Mail or any other way of communications.

Al Ameen

To maintain a safe community and be part of the sustainable development and collective wellbeing, Dubai Police enabled Al Ameen, meaning a safeguard in Arabic, which is a communication channels through which citizens, residents and visitors can provide information and report any suspicious accidents to proactively protect the community and the city.

Report Roads and Transport Issues

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers the Madinati service, a digital platform dedicated to reporting infrastructure and public transportation issues within Dubai. Through Madinati, users can pinpoint areas of concern, from road damage to malfunctioning public transportation amenities, thereby contributing to the city's maintenance and improvement. Accessible via a dedicated mobile app and online portal, the service ensures timely response and resolution by the RTA to reported matters.