Weather and Air Quality

Dubai's Air Quality Strategy is a testament to the city's dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This comprehensive plan involves systematic monitoring of air quality, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to accurately track pollutant levels. It underscores the commitment to safeguard the health of residents, protect the environment, and comply with global air quality standards. The strategy employs a data-driven approach, utilising the information gathered through monitoring to inform policy-making, regulate industries, and promote sustainable practices. Through these concerted efforts, Dubai aspires to enhance air quality and contribute to the broader environmental sustainability goals of the UAE.

The Dubai Government utilizes SMS messaging and advanced mobile SOS systems to disseminate weather alerts to residents, ensuring timely and accurate information delivery for safety and preparedness.

Year of Sustainability

In recognition of the increasing global focus on environmental conservation and sustainable development, the United Arab Emirates has declared 2023 as the Year of Sustainability. This year-long initiative reflects the UAE's commitment to fostering sustainable practices across various sectors, ranging from energy to tourism, and from infrastructure to education. The Year of Sustainability aims to amplify efforts in reducing environmental impact, enhancing resource efficiency, and promoting the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle among residents and businesses alike. It marks a significant step in the UAE's journey towards achieving its ambitious sustainability goals and contributing to global efforts to address pressing environmental challenges.

Environment and Waste Services

Environmental services such as waste management, public parks maintenance, drainage services, marine and costal environment monitoring are available for businesses, individuals, and government entities, provided by Dubai Municipality. 

Start Recycling in Dubai

Learn how you can help contribute to a more sustainable Dubai with our official government recycling program:

"Together, we can make Dubai a beacon of eco-friendliness."