Furthermore, Dubai Police provides a range of online services through its website and mobile app, allowing users to access essential services, such as reporting incidents, applying for permits, and paying fines, from the convenience of their devices. By combining advanced technology, a well-trained workforce, and proactive community engagement, the Dubai Police ensures the city remains one of the safest and most secure places globally.

Online Police Declaration / Good Conduct Certificate

The Dubai Police's good conduct certificate service provides individuals with an official document attesting to their criminal record status in the emirate. The certificate, also known as a police clearance certificate, is often required for employment, visa, and immigration purposes.

Cybersecurity and eCrime

Cybersecurity services in Dubai are primarily provided by the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), a government entity responsible for protecting the city's digital infrastructure and ensuring the security of its information and communication systems. DESC works in collaboration with various government and private sector organizations, offering cybersecurity solutions, incident responses, threat intelligence, and awareness programs to safeguard the emirate's digital assets and maintain a resilient and secure cyberspace.