Policies and Regulations in Dubai Government 

The resources below provide clear and direct access to the legislative policies and regulations that govern the Emirate of Dubai. The wide-ranging regulations, guidelines, and policies are designed to uphold the highest standards of governance, transparency, and compliance across various sectors, from business to tourism, from public health to environmental protection.

Whether you are a resident, a visitor, or a business entity, the information presented here aims to assist you in understanding and adhering to the prevailing rules and directives.By fostering a culture of regulatory compliance, we ensure the sustainable growth and prosperity of Dubai.

Search for all legislations 

The Legislation Search Engine is a comprehensive tool providing direct access to all of Dubai's legislations, enabling users to conveniently locate and navigate through the Emirate's extensive legal framework.  Find the legilations search engine here

Employement laws and regulations

Under the umbrella of the Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 and its subsequent amendments, commonly referred to as the 'UAE Labour Law', Dubai diligently ensures the regulation of employment relationships in the private sector. The law applies uniformly to all private sector employees, be they UAE nationals or expatriate individuals. Notably, there exist certain categories of employees who fall outside the jurisdiction of this law, and may adhere to alternative regulations. Explore the private sector's employment laws and regulations to gain a deeper understanding.  Find more details here

Digital Regulations

Digital Dubai's dedicated portal for Digital Regulations Access serves as a comprehensive resource for all digital regulations applicable within the Emirate. This dedicated platform is designed to streamline access to, and understanding of, the digital regulatory framework. It encompasses various digital legislations and guidelines that govern digital operations and services in Dubai. This ensures transparency and provides stakeholders, whether they are residents, businesses, or visitors, with a clear understanding of the digital rules and regulations they are required to adhere to within Dubai.  Check Digital Dubai's Knowledge Hub 

Electricity and Water Related Regulations 

This dedicated webpage compiles all Dubai legislations related to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), serving as an accessible resource for understanding the rules and regulations that govern this essential sector. More Details

Police Related Regulations

This specialized webpage presents all Dubai legislations pertaining to Dubai Police, providing a consolidated resource for comprehending the legal framework that oversees this significant public service. More Details

Healthcare Related Legislation

This dedicated webpage assembles all Dubai legislations associated with the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA), creating a central resource for users to understand the regulatory landscape that guides this crucial healthcare sector. More Details

Tourism Related Regulations

This dedicated webpage collects all Dubai legislations related to tourism, offering an all-encompassing resource for gaining insights into the regulations that guide this influential sector of Dubai's economy. More Details

Transports Related Regulations

The Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) Legislation Search Engine offers a thorough resource for accessing all Dubai's legislations pertaining to roads and transport, enabling users to understand and navigate the regulatory framework governing this vital sector. More Details

Education Related Regulations

This specific webpage brings together all Dubai legislations related to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), serving as a unified platform for understanding the regulatory governance of the education sector in Dubai. More Details