Funding your business in Dubai

Securing Funding for Your Business in Dubai: 

Government Initiatives: Access funding through government-backed programs like

Bank Loans: Consider loans from banks registered with the UAE Central Bank

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Incubators & Accelerators: Join government supported incubators and accelerators

For funding, providers usually ask for these documents:

Completed applications for the opening of a Branch Office

The trade name reservation certificate

The passport copies of the Company’s Director(s)

The board resolution of the Parent Company for opening a Branch Office in Dubai UAE.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA) by the parent company.

A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company.

A no-objection letter from the parent company.

A power of attorney for the Director of the Branch Office.

Dubai Next

DubaiNext is an innovative crowdfunding platform designed to support businesses in Dubai by connecting them with potential investors. The platform offers entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to raise capital for their ventures by showcasing their projects to a wide audience of contributors. 

With an easy-to-use interface and secure online transactions, DubaiNext provides businesses with a convenient and efficient way to fund their growth while engaging with a supportive community of investors interested in their success. By utilizing DubaiNext, businesses can access the financial resources they need to thrive in the competitive market of Dubai.