Education in Dubai is overseen by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The KHDA is responsible for the development, management, and regulation of private schools, higher education institutions, and training institutes within the emirate. The authority strives to ensure the provision of high-quality education and the continuous improvement of educational standards in Dubai.

The KHDA plays an instrumental role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of education in Dubai by conducting regular inspections and assessments of educational institutions, facilitating professional development opportunities for educators, and fostering collaboration and innovation in the education sector.

The educational landscape in Dubai is diverse, offering a wide range of curriculum options for students, including British, American, Indian, and International Baccalaureate, among others. This variety caters to the multinational population residing in the city and allows families to select the most suitable education system for their children.

Dubai currently has a total of 216 private schools operating in the emirate, for 326,000 students. The quality of education in the city is continuously improving, with internationally recognized operators currently offering 17 different curricula.

KHDA provides educational services based on the audience, namely: Parents, Students, Educators, Education Providers, Lifelong Learners, and Researchers. View a comprehensive list of the KHDA services  Click Here