eVoting for Federal National Councils

The UAE's Federal National Council elections adopt a sophisticated eVoting system. This advanced approach utilises biometric-secured smart cards to authenticate voters' identities, ensuring the integrity of each vote. Traditional paper ballots have been replaced with digital interfaces, as votes are cast through cutting-edge electronic voting machines located at various polling centres across Dubai. The implementation of this eVoting system demonstrates a commitment to enhancing accuracy, speed, transparency, and reliability in the electoral process. Emirati citizens are invited to engage in this exercise, contributing to the development of their nation.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) upholds the infrastructure for national identity management, forming the crucial basis for the security and functionality of the eVoting system in Dubai. The UAE Population Register, diligently maintained by the ICA, facilitates the generation of the electoral roll, ensuring that all eligible voters are accounted for. The integration of biometric technology in the Emirati citizen's smart identity card provides a robust method for voter authentication, contributing to the transparency and reliability of the electoral process.