Dubai's Competitiveness 

This section highlights Dubai's global competitiveness across multiple crucial domains. It features numerous esteemed international reports that assess the infrastructure of nations based on recognized methodologies. Dubai stands at the forefront within the region and globally in various sectors, including telecommunications, healthcare, and gender equality.  More Details

Dubai Competitiveness Office

This section provides insights into the work of Dubai's Competitiveness Office. The office's role is pivotal in assessing and enhancing Dubai's global standing across various vital sectors. Utilizing internationally recognized methodologies and incorporating findings from numerous esteemed reports, the Competitiveness Office strives to maintain and advance Dubai's leading position in areas such as telecommunications, healthcare, and gender equality, among others. More Details

Dubai Competitiveness Policy

The Dubai Competitiveness Office aims to bolster Dubai's global market standing by encouraging business organizations to adopt innovative and effective strategies. This endeavour seeks to augment Dubai's capacity to increase efficient production, transition to high-tech and high-value manufacturing, and attract direct foreign investments, thereby enhancing individual income and fostering a conducive business environment. The office promotes cooperation between government agencies and the private sector to boost national product competitiveness. Furthermore, it establishes frameworks to monitor and continually improve Dubai's global competitiveness ranking, assessing the emirate's production against free and fair market requirements. Ultimately, it carefully outlines the government's role in enhancing competitiveness.  Read more about the policy here