General Road Safety in Dubai

To be able to drive in Dubai, you need to comply with some important requirements, to mention some: 

Hold a valid UAE driver's license or an approved international driving permit, depending on the driver's residency status.

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as it is illegal and highly dangerous in Dubai.

Be cautious and patient during adverse weather conditions common in Dubai, such as fog, sandstorms, or heavy rain, and adjust driving habits accordingly.

Ensure that children below the age of 13 are seated in the back and using appropriate child safety seats, as per UAE law.

Abide by rules regarding the use of designated lanes for buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles, as specific to Dubai's roads.

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Obtaining A Driver’s License

To obtain a driver's license in Dubai, applicants must follow a series of steps to ensure they meet the necessary requirements and successfully complete the licensing process:

Determine eligibility: Ensure that the applicant meets the minimum age requirement of 18 years for a light motor vehicle license and 21 years for a heavy vehicle or motorcycle license.

Enroll in a driving school: Register with a recognized driving school in Dubai

Complete practical training: Attend practical driving lessons according to the driving school's guidelines and requirements.

Apply for the final road test: Submit the application for the final road test at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) along with the required documents and fees.

Obtain the driver's license: After passing the final road test, collect the UAE driver's license from the RTA licensing center.

Choose the appropriate license type: Select the desired vehicle category, such as light motor vehicle, heavy vehicle, or motorcycle.

Attend theory classes: Complete the required theory classes and pass the theory test to obtain a learner's permit.

Pass internal assessments: Successfully complete the driving school's internal assessments, which may include yard tests, parking tests, and road tests.

Pass the final road test: Successfully pass the RTA road test, which assesses the applicant's driving skills and adherence to traffic rules.

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Vehicle Registration

To own a car in Dubai you must apply for vehicle registration and ensure you renew it before the expiry date to avoid traffic fines and black points. You can apply for a vehicle registration through the Roads & Transport Authority website, visit a Customer Happiness Center, or any of the Vehicle Registration and Inspection centers within 3 minutes.

Here are the required steps to apply for a new vehicle registration: 

Open a traffic file, which can be done online through RTA website 

Submit either a vehicle customs card, reference number of the electronic Transfer Certificate, electronic Possession Certificate, electronic Change of Possession Certificate or Export Certificate

Submit a vehicle test certificate and the electronic insurance certificate from the vehicle’s insurer, valid for 6 months or more,

Submit your Emirates ID 

Provide an electronic or physical selling agreement between the seller and buyer approved by the system

The residence visa issued from Dubai (for residents)

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Vehicle Registration Renewal 

You can apply for a vehicle registration through the Roads & Transport Authority website, visit a Customer Happiness Center, or any of the Vehicle Registration and Inspection centers within 3 minutes.

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Public Transportation in Dubai 

Dubai offers a comprehensive and diverse range of public transportation options to cater to the needs of its residents and visitors. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) manages and operates these services, which include the Dubai Metro, buses, trams, water taxis, and taxis. The Dubai Metro is an extensive and efficient rail system, with its Red and Green lines connecting major areas of the city. The Dubai Tram complements the metro system, providing convenient access to areas in and around Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

An extensive network of bus routes covers the city, connecting various neighborhoods and providing an affordable means of transportation. Dubai also offers marine transport options, such as the traditional abras and modern water taxis, which serve as a unique and enjoyable way to travel between specific locations along the Dubai Creek and coastal areas. Moreover, licensed taxis, including the easily recognizable Dubai Taxi Corporation cabs, are readily available throughout the city, offering a convenient and reliable mode of transport.

To access these public transportation services, commuters can use the Nol Card, a smart card that allows seamless travel across different modes of transportation. The Nol Card can be recharged with credit and used to pay for fares on the metro, buses, trams, and water taxis. By taking advantage of Dubai's extensive public transportation network, residents and visitors can efficiently navigate the city while reducing their environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable urban lifestyle. For information on public transport modes, destinations, and schedules Click Here