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As Dubai Government is keen on listening to the people’s voices and opinions, through this channel, you can vote for ideas, projects, and proposals initiated by government entities to engage the whole community in making our city the happiest on earth.

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Discussing the future of dubai.ae

The Dubai Government is committed to continuously enhancing its digital services, with the Dubai.ae portal being a cornerstone of our effort to provide residents with seamless access to all government services. As part of our commitment to incorporate feedback and insights from the community, we encourage your participation in shaping the future of the Dubai.ae portal. This discussion is in line with Dubai's e-participation policy and invites you to share your experiences and ideas. •Experience with Dubai.ae: Could you share your personal experience using the Dubai.ae portal? What aspects of the portal have had the most positive impact on your interactions with government services, and what challenges have you encountered? •Feature Enhancement: Are there features within the Dubai.ae portal that you believe could be improved or made more user-friendly? If so, could you describe these features and suggest how they might be enhanced? •New Features: Are there any new features or services that you would like to see integrated into the Dubai.ae portal? How do you envision these additions improving your user experience?  •Ease of Use: How easy or difficult do you find navigating the Dubai.ae portal? What changes, if any, would make the portal more intuitive and user-friendly? •Security and Privacy: How confident are you about the security and privacy of your data while using the Dubai.ae portal? Do you have any suggestions for increasing trust in data privacy and security on the portal?  Your insights and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the future of the Dubai.ae portal. Thank you for participating in this discussion.

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Saeed Halawa

3‏/8‏/2023 8:40 ص