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Understanding residents’ experience on the DubaiNow service portal

The Dubai Government is continuously striving to deliver a superior experience for its residents through digital innovation. The DubaiNow app is one of our key initiatives, aimed at integrating various services across sectors into one convenient platform. We believe that your input, as a user of these services, is crucial in driving these enhancements. In line with Dubai's e-participation policy, we encourage you to join this discussion to help us understand how we can further develop the DubaiNow app to better serve your needs. 1. Experience with DubaiNow: Could you share your personal experience using the DubaiNow app? What aspects of the app have had the most positive impact on your everyday life, and what challenges have you encountered while using the app?  2. Feature Enhancement: Are there features within the DubaiNow app that you believe could be improved or made more user-friendly? If so, could you describe these features and suggest how they might be enhanced?  3. New Features: Are there any new features or services that you would like to see integrated into the DubaiNow app? How do you envision these additions improving your user experience?  4. Ease of Use: How easy or difficult do you find navigating the DubaiNow app? What changes, if any, would make the app more intuitive and easy to use? Your insights and suggestions are invaluable in shaping the future of the DubaiNow app. Thank you for participating in this discussion

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Danial Ezmond

8/3/23 8:29 AM