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As Dubai Government is keen on listening to the people’s voices and opinions, through this channel, you can vote for ideas, projects, and proposals initiated by government entities to engage the whole community in making our city the happiest on earth.

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Discussing digital wellbeing in Dubai

The Dubai Government is deeply committed to ensuring the digital wellbeing of its residents. As our city becomes increasingly digital, it is essential that we understand and manage the impacts of digital technology on our wellbeing. As part of our mission to create a healthy, happy, and productive digital society, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. This discussion aligns with Dubai's e-participation policy and serves as a platform for you to influence how we approach digital wellbeing in Dubai. •Personal Experience: How has the increased digitization in Dubai affected your personal and professional life? Can you share both positive and negative impacts? •Digital Fatigue: Have you experienced digital fatigue or burnout due to the extensive use of digital devices or services? What steps do you think could be taken to mitigate this issue?  •Digital Balance: How do you maintain a healthy balance between your digital and non-digital life? Are there any tools or policies that you think could help promote a better digital balance?  •Online Safety: How confident do you feel about your online safety and privacy in the digital sphere? What improvements would you suggest to enhance online safety and privacy?  •Digital Literacy and Education: How well-equipped do you feel to navigate the digital world? Do you think there is a need for more digital literacy and education programs?  •Youth and Digital Wellbeing: If you have children, how do you manage their digital wellbeing? What services or programs would you suggest to support parents in promoting digital wellbeing for their children? Your insights and suggestions are critical to shaping the future of Digital Wellbeing in Dubai. Thank you for participating in this discussion.

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Mohamed Najm

3‏/8‏/2023 8:41 ص