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Life events for Citizens/Residents


Going to school in Dubai

Choosing a nursery or childcare | Going to school in Dubai | Checking out higher education opportunities | Going to a school for people of determination | Join a library in Dubai ...

Going to university in Dubai

Finding the right university in Dubai | Checking accreditation and academic programmes | Obtaining scholarships and part-time job opportunities | Applying for higher research or international study ...

Finding a job in Dubai

Jobs for UAE citizens | Getting a government job | Finding a job in the private sector | Knowing the employment laws | Obtaining your rights as an employee ...

Getting married in Dubai

Procedures for marriage of Muslims and Non-Muslims in Dubai | Planning your wedding | Creating a home | In case of separation and divorce ...

Having a baby in Dubai

Complying with marriage and pregnancy laws | Choosing a hospital | Obtaining birth certificates and visas | Parenting a baby and maternity leave in Dubai | Adopting a baby ...

Contacting Dubai Government Officials

Contacting Dubai Government Officials | Contacting customer care for specific government departments | Report Child Abuse in Dubai to Community Development Authority ...

Practising your religion in Dubai

Ramadan in Dubai | Practising your religion in Dubai | Focusing on Islam | Knowing social etiquette and culture in Dubai | Knowing prayer times and Ramadan calendar | Listening to Holy Quran and religious lectures | Donating for charity | Religious counselling through Fatwa | Paying your Zakat | Eid Al Fitr in Dubai | Going on Hajj | Eid Al Adha in Dubai ...

Life events for Businesses


Planning a business in Dubai

Why Dubai | Getting familiar with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 | Cost of setting up in Dubai | Investment opportunities in Dubai | Preparing to open a business | Becoming an entrepreneur in Dubai ...

Starting a business in Dubai

Opening a business | Selecting a location | Getting Initial Approvals | After Initial Approvals | Acquiring a business ...

Expanding your business in Dubai

Being a Responsible Employer | Financing Your Business | Obtaining Utilities | Acquiring a New Site/Branch | Conducting International Trade | Dealing with legal issues | Doing business with government | Complying with environment & safety regulations | Advertising your business | Obtaining one-stop shop services from freezones | Acquiring business support services ...
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